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DieKlean 360-2-1 (optional 360-2-2)


The DieKlean 360-2-1  is a system consisting of two cleaning tanks and a single mixing tank.  This system is recommended for facilities with two or more presses that use dies from 8” to 40” or more in diameter, and have a need to clean 75 or more dies per 24-hour day.  The system can be expanded to include an extra “premix tank,” (making it a 360-2-2) so that a batch of cleaning solution is mixed and heated and ready to be put into service on a moment’s notice.  This is ideal for 24-hour operations where several hours down time for heating the solution would be detrimental to production.

Tank range from 36" to 44" wide and 60" long.


The DieKlean 360-2-1 can be expanded to three tanks (360-3-1) or 360-3-2 for facilities that need to clean 200 or more dies per 24-hour day.

DieKlean 360-3-1

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