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Post Extrusion Die Cleaning Equipment

Welcome to Die Cleaning Equipment & Supply, Inc., your source for safe and automated equipment designed for the aluminum removal from extrusion dies.
Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, Inc. manufactures the DieKlean 360 family of post extrusion die cleaning equipment for the aluminum extrusion industry.  The DieKlean 360 is fully automatic and PLC controlled. PLC control of the die cleaning process minimizes operator exposure to chemicals, increases efficiency, and provides for independent cleaning tank control during the post extrusion process.  As a result of direct process control, our customers have seen significant reductions in both cleaning time and chemical consumption. Depending on the type of die and age of the cleaning solution, some customers have experienced a reduction in cleaning times of up to 50%, while reporting a significant decrease in chemical consumption when compared to their previous bath type cleaning process.

Benefits of the DieKlean 360:

We chose the name DieKlean 360 because we took a full 360 degree view to understand the cost of post extrusion die cleaning.   We found safety, cost of chemicals, labor, and die turn-around time directly impact the cost of post extrusion die cleaning.  Since the process of die cleaning is a necessity and not one of added value, we addressed each of these issues to minimize your cost.


  • Operator exposure to hazardous sodium hydroxide is minimized.
  • Dies are loaded and unloaded into EMPTY TANKS.
  • Lids are pneumatically locked down to prevent exposure to hot caustic solution while the system is in operation.
  • Dies are automatically rinsed at the end of the  cleaning cycle.
  • The fastest and most efficient aluminum extrusion die cleaning equipment available means reduced chemical cost and reduced cleaning time.
  • Automatic mixing of chemicals assures uniformity in pH and temperature.
  • Preset/adjustable cleaning times for individual tanks permits cleaning time variation with die size.
  • Multiple tanks permit separation of large and small dies, promoting faster turn-around time without pulling baskets out of the solution to see if the aluminum removal is complete.
  • Automation allows the operator to be productive in other areas.

Chemical Consumption!

  • With SmartStrengthTM , an new innovation at Die Cleaning Equipment, we monitor the Cleaning Power Index (CPI) to help you determine a consistent point at which to move the caustic solution to waste.  The result is reduced sodium hydroxide consumption, reduced die turn around time, reduced waste to be treated, and increased salvaged aluminum.  Our users have reported up to 48% reduction in chemical consumption!

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