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Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, Inc.

Post extrusion die cleaning equipment for the aluminum industry


Extrusion die cleaning machines is all we do. Our technology and experience sets us apart. All of our machines are designed to enhance safety and reduce chemical consumption while creating less waste. Dies are loaded into empty tanks so the operator isn’t exposed to hot sodium hydroxide. Each tank is maintained at a negative pressure so fumes are exhausted outside and not into the caustic room.


The sodium hydroxide and water solution used in the die cleaning process attack the aluminum to create heat and hydrogen gas. To a chemist, this is called an exothermic reaction. To the caustic room, the heat from this reaction can result in boil-overs and safety hazards. Our PowerTech™ technology controls the reaction within the cleaning tank to the highest possible temperature to speed cleaning while avoiding hazardous overheating and overflows. At the same time, cycle times are minimized through our ability to heat the caustic solution in the reactor so the reaction starts nearly immediately.


Are you wasting sodium hydroxide by dumping it too soon? Our SmartStrength™ technology gives the die shop manager the information he or she needs to determine when the sodium hydroxide solution is spent and needs to be replaced. Our Cleaning Power Index provides the die shop technician the guidance needed to determine how long to soak dies in the reactor and maximize the aluminum recovered from the die without fishing for the die in a hot, steaming tank of sodium hydroxide.

UL-Certified Custom Panel Shop

Our control panels are built by people who know what they are doing. Our UL 508A certified panel shop will build the control system to meet UL, ULc, CSA or other standards you may require. The UL Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the municipal inspection authority and to the purchaser of the panel.

Our Machines

Each machine is fabricated with 304 stainless steel tanks and frames to assure a long life in the high sodium hydroxide concentration and high temperature environment. 316 stainless steel tanks are available upon request.

A view of our DK100 die cleaning machine


This small machine is specifically designed for precision etching of samples for metallurgical analysis or small dies up to 8" in diameter. Optional Acid Desmut tank available.

A view of our DK200 die cleaning machine


Installed in a 30” deep containment pit, the DK200 offers 2 or 3 cleaning tanks that, accommodate dies up to 15" in diameter.

A view of our DK330 die cleaning machine


Similar to the DK200 in capacity but can be installed in low clearance buildings with a curb for containment.

A view of our DK360 die cleaning machine


Our largest machine, built with up to three cleaning tanks and two or more mix tanks, can accommodate dies up to 40” in diameter.

Our Facilities

Customers are welcome to visit our Phoenix, Arizona facility for pre-delivery water based operational testing and operator / maintainer training before delivery.

We realize that all extrusion facilities are not the same, and that one cookie cutter design will not meet all needs. If our family of products does not meet your needs, our engineering team can customize each machine to your specific requirements.

About Us

Founded in 2010, Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, Inc., is the premier manufacturer of aluminum extrusion die cleaning systems in North America.

Our goal is to create a safe and efficient caustic room while reducing chemical consumption, reducing waste and minimizing die cleaning time. Operator safety is an integral part of the overall design. Dies are loaded into empty tanks to avoid exposure to chemicals. Our machines are closed loop so exposure to chemicals and fumes is minimized.

As an engineer driven company, we embrace technology and develop new technologies to ensure machine reliability while minimizing die cleaning time, chemical consumption, and waste byproducts.

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